What is MoodMaster?

MoodMaster is a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) based group programme.

MoodMaster is a programme which aims to provide a fun, upbeat approach to working on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Come for yourself, or come for someone else, either way you will learn a number of simple, straightforward techniques that will help you to deal better with situations that cause you worry and stress or bring your mood down.

HURT will run a 12 week Mood Master Programme between October and December 2017…

Places are limited so please contact HURT on 02871369696 to book your place today….

“Supported by the Public Health Agency”


Level 5 Diploma in Substance Misuse Theory & Interventions (SMTI)

The Course consists of 20 days training on either a 10 weekend basis or 35 weeks of 3.5 hours per week.

Approved at specialist training level by the National Couselling Society.

This course looks at the theory and practice of working with people presenting with substance misuse issues.


OCN L2 Drug & Alcohol Awareness

This is an online drug and alcohol awareness programme designed for schools and community groups.

It has 3 credit points and can be used in conjunction with other Level 2 credits towards the completion of an OCN Level 2 complete qualification.

Please email dessie@hurtni.org.uk or call HURT on 02871369696 for more info.

Introduction to Mindfulness……

ARE YOU…Stressed and anxious?
Have no concentration?
Feeling Tired all the time?


Reduced stress and anxiety
Improved concentration
Bolstered immune system
Lowered blood pressure
Improved sleep
Increased wellbeing

Come and Join us on Sunday 1st October from 10am – 1pm for an introduction to Mindfulness….


Mindfulness can help us step back from being lost in our thoughts. We learn how to appreciate each moment and it shows us a different way to relating to and coping with sensations, emotions, thoughts and feelings.


Call us now on 02871369696 to book your place.