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Welcome to HURT (Have Your Tomorrows)

We understand that dependency can be a lonely and frightening experience. Left untreated, it can be devastating. Hurt, is a unique Holistic drop-in centre offering holistic approaches. Reaching out for help, for yourself or someone that you care about can be daunting. We understand that.

Our team of trained addiction advisors are there to assist you. They are able to offer you advice on all aspects of addictions and treatment possibilities. They are able to support you and your family in the difficulties that addiction brings. You do not have to feel alone.

Who would benefit from our programme?

Alcohol and Drug dependency does not discriminate. Our clients come to us from a variety of backgrounds. Our experience shows that our clients suffer from some or all of the following

  • Have previously tried and failed to moderate their  drinking/drug use.
  • Find it hard to cope without the use of alcohol/drug.
  • Have experience increased use of drugs/alcohol to achieve the same affect.
  • Have become isolated, fearful, and desperate often feeling alone.
  • Have experienced deterioration in the family relationship.
  • Believes that no one understands them and their situation.
  • Experience rejection and low self-esteem.
  • Have become financially vulnerable with increased risk taking.
  • Feel out of control of situations and life, relationships and  behavior.
  • Feel that there is no way out and no where to turn.

Many of our clients are worried about the future: we work with them to create a future worth looking forward to.

If you or someone you know needs our help, or if you would like to find out more about our work or make a donation, please contact us.

“Each moment brings choice. I can stay calm under pressure. I choose happiness.”