Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Level one and two.

About this course:

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness level one and two available.

This course seeks to  raise awareness of the impact of drugs and alcohol, both legal and illegal.This qualification provides a good introduction to the subject of drugs and alcohol the various  treatment routes available to those dealing with these issues. It would provide a good basis for further learning in the area and enhancing career prospects.

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 16 years old  Good reading and writing skills in English Ability to undertake course work.

Who should do this course:

These courses are suitable for those interested in learning about drugs and alcohol and the impact they have on the individual and the community.

What will I get on completion of the course?

Participants who complete either of  these courses will receive either a T.Q.U.K. Level One or Level Two certificate.

Assessment requirements:

The courses we run are assessed on an evidence-based structure. (coursework) This means that a lot of the work is completed throughout the duration of the course and is marked against the outcomes set for the course.

Hours of study (Each qualification) 20 guided learning hours

This qualification is suitable for those working in the community or youth work field.

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