Mental Health Awareness Level 1

About this course; This qualification provides a good introduction to the subject of mental health, the various illnesses and treatment routes available to sufferers. It would provide a good basis for further learning in the area leading to a career in mental health care.

Be aware of what is meant by mental health. Define the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental ill health’.   Identify possible causes of mental health problems. Identify examples of mental health problems. Be able to list common sources of information on mental health issues. Be aware of some of social and personal effects of mental ill health. Be aware of some of the responses to mental health issues. Be aware of cultural diversity in relation to mental health issues.

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 19 years old  Good reading and writing skills in English Ability to complete a work book/reflective journal, detailing the various types, causes, and links to poor mental health

Who should do this course:

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in mental health or associated fields or those people who find that understanding mental health would help them in their daily interactions with members of the public.

What will I get on completion of the course?

Participants who complete the 24 guided learning hour programme will be awarded a T.Q.U.K. Level 1 certificate in awareness of Mental Health.

Assessment requirements :

Hours of study 24 guided learning hours. Assessment Structure – (coursework)

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