Recognising Issues of Substance Misuse – OCN Levels 1 & 2

HURT deliver a range of OCN Accredited Programmes both at the centre and within community based settings.

‘Recognising Issues of Substance Misuse’ can be delivered at both Level 1 and 2. This unit requires the learner to complete a portfolio of work at a basic or advanced standard dependent on the level attained. Each student must complete ten hours of work – comprised of 6 group work sessions, tutor support and home study.

Level 2 requires the completion of an ‘Agency Study’ of a chosen local drug and alcohol support service; and weekly ‘Reflective Learning Logs’ on the information presented each week.

Please contact the team at HURT for more information or if you are interested in the delivery of OCN Accredited programmes within your setting.

Please note that a cost for accreditation will be incurred.

Session 1: Attitudes and Values

  • What is a Drug?
  • Drug Categories and Classification

Session 2: The Difference between Legal and Illegal Substances

  • Drug Information: Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin, Solvents, Legal Highs
  • Form, Method of Use and Effects

Session 3: Alcohol Facts

  • Units and Guidelines
  • Binge Drinking
  • Harm Reduction

Session 4: Why do People use Drugs or Alcohol?

  • Effects of Substance Misuse on the Individual, Family and Community

Session 5: Physical and Psychological Addiction

  • Four Stage Model of Addiction
  • Addiction Theories: Genetic / Disease / Moral and Cultural Models

Session 6: HURT Support and Treatment Programme

  • Local Support Agencies

Agency Study (Level 2 Only)