Level 5 Diploma in Substance Misuse Theory & Interventions

About this course:

This is a unique programme dealing with Substance misuse issues, theory and interventions.

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 19 years old.  Good reading and writing skills in English &  Ability to work at Academic Level 5

Photographic proof of ID

Who should do this course:

The course is suitable for those seeking to develop a career within the Substance misuse field or for those who are already trained as counsellors, to create a speciality within their practice.

What will I get on completion of the course?

Everyone who completes the Level 5 Academic course will receive a Level 5 Diploma in Substance Misuse Theory & Interventions.  Those choosing to complete the Counselling component, will be awarded, on provision of suitable evidence, The Specialist Practitioner Award.

Those seeking to be awarded the SMTI – Assessment Skills Specialist Practitioner, again, will receive this on the provision of suitable evidence.

Assessment requirements:

Learning Portfolio 2 assignments. 1 Academic essay and 1 case study 100% attendance

120 hours of classroom contact make up the guided learning hours and 100% attendance is required to receive the award.

Those seeking to achieve the Level 5 Academic Award – with a Specialism in Assessment, will be required to complete additional assessments and will find they are more than qualified to support people presenting with substance misuse issues.  This ‘assessment’ specialism will be of great benefit to anyone seeking to pursue a career in this field.

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